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OK OK...this site really is a test bed for my business, but I have put few words in place over the last few years...

What So Proudly We Hailed
A son's lesson learned

This'll Teach Her to Ask...
AKA "On Loving a Younger Woman

Thursday Seems Like Monday When Your Days Are All The Same
There are days and then there are days.

The Stanguellini In Aunt Edith's Gift Shop
It is mid-July in Lime Rock. After almost 7 years in Arizona, I find the Connecticut humidity is odd, intense.

It's Just a Number

1954 Ferrari 250 Europa PF Coupe

1962 Porsche 356B S Roadster T-6 (Twin Grill)

Two New Sites for DLMWeb
A couple of interesting projects

Marshall Crenshaw - Live Webcast - Friday, October 23, 2009 12Noon EST
Keep listening to 98.1FM Red Hook, NY WKZE

Vodafone McClaren Mercedes Widget

Jack AND Squat
... if they can't take a joke (and the horse they rode in on)

WebcamMax - A Great Easy- to-use Tool
For once I have nothing but praise for a piece of software..

Livestream.com Fails to Make the Grade
How to screw up a good idea

1939 W 154 (W 163) Silver Arrow Mercedes-Benz Rudolf Caracciola - 1939 German Grand Prix

A Minor - UConn's Astounding A Capella Group Rip It UP at Project Troubador
Park your cynicism - It is never too late for an epiphany!

Pistolera - Project Troubador/June 27, 2009

Desperados - WITH EVERYBODY!!

Walking Man Henry Herbert Knibbs/ recited by Waddie Mitchell
If you would like me to, I'll tell my story, now.

Oklahoma Hills - Jimmy LaFave Live at WKZE 98.1
This is as good as it gets! Best music I have ever webcast and archived.

Professor Louie & the Crowmatix - a new DLMWeb Client
The site features several layers of media and information for both promoters and fans.

The Legend of Crazy Horse by J.D. Blackfoot
Hard to find...Extraordinary piece of work.

This Abundant Life March 8 2009 - Lizzie & Baba
A streaming audio of the 3_08 show

Ryan Arnold Wins Helsinki's First Song Search Contest
An extraordinary song, by a special and talented young man.

Dusty Chaps - Tucson's Lost Treasure - Heat Stroke & Honk Tonk Music
These guys were the greatest Little Band on the Planet in 1970's Tucson.

Lizzie & Baba Craft a Song We All Can Sing
East meets West? Well, Left meets Right and finds some common ground!

Stop Using BADWARE, do not post your music in Real Player format.
I have a number of clients and friends in the music industry. While I certainly understand their need to control and limit the free downloading of their music, using RealPlayer is NOT a satisfactory way to achieve that end.

Thursday Seems Like Monday When Your Days Are All The Same
There are days and then there are days.

Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic - Jaime Brockett
497 and a half feet of ROPE...

Rolex 24 Live Webcast shut down by SPEEDTV

Zero Net Energy - Verdae LLC is a new client
Welcome to DLMWeb

Felice Brothers Deliver The Goods - Helsinki's Top Ten for 2008
Simone Felice stands on stage night after night, as do all the boys, and delivers...

Had fun, see you soon, I hope
I promise, beloved algorithm, that I shall never attempt to spoof you.

Harry Carter winning the 1960 Vanderbuilt Cup!!

What is new in DLMWeb?
Feeds from DLMWeb powered websites

How Many Vice-presidents Became President During Their Terms of Office ???
Is there even a contest...really?

Ce n'est pas comedie
Tina Fey didn't write this shit... it is really what is inside Snowjob Square Glasses' head.

Fey as Palin - Best SNL impression since Dana Carvey's Bush
Timeless and perfect

Daniel Nocera describes new process for storing solar energy
Electricity-by-wire from a central source could be a thing of the past.

Mama HillyBeans WebCast

Why the Road?
Thanks to Autoextremist.com

Lightning Book - A book about lightning is the scariest read of the year!
Not the kind of out of the body experience I want to have!

ALMS and Formula BMW at Lime Rock Park's New Uphill and West Bend

Albert Hofmann
Remember April 19 - Bicycle Day

DLMWeb live cam
A test of the Ustream.tv

Kart Race at OVRP - 8hrs - June 21 2008

Random Motorsport and Car Related Videos
YouTube Ad Test

Juan Manuel Fangio Video
From the director of Chariots of Fire

Austin Healey Videos - THE BIG HEALEY
A video collection of these wonderful cars in action

Austin Healey 3000 Mk III - A Superb Restoration
THE Big Healey - 1967 BJ8

Lime Rock Connecticut - Map of Business District at End of

Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mt. Boys - Answer The Call - Live at Helsinki October 13, 2007
An absolute high point in my 7+ years as Helsinki's webmaster

Pastrami on rye... and so far up the river!!
the wi-fi connecting too

Lime Rock Park Video - 2007 Vintage Festival - Sam Posey, Jim Haynes, John Bishop
40 minutes of wonderful conversation from the 2007 Vintage Festival

Bush Colonoscopy Finds His Brain!
It was only a case of recto-cranial inversion...

Northwest Corner Connecticut Real Estate Brokerage Becomes Latest DLMWeb Client
Helping another business to get found on the web!!

The Stanguellini In Aunt Edith's Gift Shop
It is mid-July in Lime Rock. After almost 7 years in Arizona, I find the Connecticut humidity is odd, intense.

OSCA MT4 Spider Morelli
A Maserati by any other name...is an OSCA.

Falwell Falls - Ugly Little Toad Croaks
Goodbye and Good Riddance

"Success is not no violence" - George W. Bush, The GODDAMNED 43rd President of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!
In ceremonies of the horsemen, even the pawn must hold a grudge

The Wellspring of Reality- R. Buckminster Fuller
An essay that has informed my thinking since I stumbled upon it in the Lenox Library in 1970

Lizzie West's "19 Miles To Baghdad"
Something Good Has Begun

At Last, Something Worth Reading from the Berkshire Eagle!
Eagle Droppings Narrowly Miss Young Mother, Hitting Instead Their IntendedTarget

A Psychiatrist's Perspective on George Bush - Yes, He IS sick
Speculation regarding GW's sanity.

Test of Podcast Creator
HTML for page placement

The Webbie's Helsinki Favorites
My cup runneth over! A brief rundown of some special artists and moments in 2006

Hal Ketchum Coming to Helsinki!
and here is some STREAMING VIDEO

A Special Treat for Visitors with HighSpeed Internet

Perl to kill MS BitDrool Eliminate MS Word Generated Curly Quotes, em Dashes, en Dashes, Elipsises, and Curly Single Apostrophes
A couple of tweaks to the Smart Quote filter

A Special Report - Spring 2007
Do you understand what your Web pages say?
About SEO

A Beautiful Example of Guitarmaking
Hot of the workbench of Jeremy Gage

Dylan's New Album Review - Rogovoy Scoops the World.
Using DLMWeb Content Mangement Tools make this a do-it -yourself project

A Second version of Smart Quote Filter
A regular expression and adding the utf-8 metatag

What So Proudly We Hailed
A son's lesson learned

This'll Teach Her to Ask...
Little did this glib goyim with a pisk (go look it up, if your Yiddish is a bit rusty) realize...

How I Spent My Winter
The bottle was dusty, but the liquor was clean

San Pedro River from Cascabel
A bit more about why...

Arizona!!??? What Were You Thinking?
Ahh, wilderness!

Cowboy Up
My step-grandfather, Remington Schuyler was one hell of an illustrator

Today the police cars are going crazy!!
Here is a test

David Minton, Berkshire Web Designer in Great Barrington Uses His Own Site to Demonstrate RSS
I'll bet that you don't really get it, but you should!

Horseback Rides in India
An amazingly good thing

Niagara Falls/Slowly I Turn
Bud and Lou?

Insanity Industry

A Reiterative Failure to Classify
An Eagle article gets Ol' Grumpy up on his high horse

Getting Found on The Web
Good design and Relevant Copy - The NO BS solution to Search Engine Optimization

Lola EX 257 / Lime Rock July 4 Weekend/Chris Dyson
Digital Photo and Image Manipulation by dlminton

Some Good News For a Change
The Starfish Difference makes a REAL difference in a hard land I know and love.

Monsoon Hangs Up Heat Builds Up
On seeing Arizona live up to its name

Rogovoy's DLMWEB powered Blog featured on Front Page of Eagle
A dlminton web service site gets some ink

Six Acres and a Deere
Hmm, thought a thought provoking way of looking at the situation.

June !5, 2005
Jeremy Wallace Becomes the latest DLMWeb Makeover
A supremely talented musician, a wonderful and inovative songwriter

June 6, 2005
A new bloom - for Margot
Photoshop Image by dlm

June 3, 2005
Eagle on the Grill as Seth Rogovoy Hits a Nerve
Some great colloquy at a dlmweb powered Web Journal

May 26, 2005
As close as a star to the moon.
Read Gatsby, and read it again and again

May 31, 2005
Oh, Now I Get It...An epiphany from the NYTimes
Been there, done that.

April 13, 2005,
Images/Helsinki 2005
Grupo Fantasma Image

The Auto Shop in Salisbury, CT Joins dlmweb's Family of Websites
More about this project as it is developed

97.7 FM is WBCR, Berkshire Community Radio

Safe Update for Helsinki
Automatic Backup

WBCR 97.7 Schedule
Support Community Radio

Conservative Thinking at its Best
Inimical to basic constitutional principles

How RSS Gets Your Message Delivered
Three different examples

Frank Zuback Productions - Music Services
Another dlminton web services powered blog hits the web

The Lantern House Motel Goes Online in Record Time
4 hours from purchase to online - Outstanding service from Outnet,.com and GoDaddy.com

Strong Visual Image Opens Start Racing Site
Using broadband effectively to entice your visitors to read your message

Latest Helsinki Opener
A dynamic page that is easily managed

Another reason to use Firefox
Some scary stuff from the folks who brought you the Blue Screen of Death

Turning Horse Feed into Mulch
A self explanatory mea culpa

A Feed from Pumpelly Racing
Updating Daytona via WiFi

And the journey goes on
The broken key is a pain.

It is beginning to get a bit interesting.
Bed time for DLM

Road Trip Tomorrow
Wiki this

About this RSS/Blog deal
Why this should matter to YOU

Two objectives today, chronical a personal experience and describe the functions of the programming I have been writing.

Pottery Barn Rule - You Break It You Own It
Pssssst...Wanna buy a couple of hot domain names?

August 7, 2005
A DLMWebCast
in fond remembrance: Avalon Ballroom, October 13, 1968
Distributing Your Music and Message on the Web
Getting the word...and the MUSIC out.

JS Code to put RSS on a web page
Nice stuff

Adding an RSS feed to MyYahoo
My feed shows up on MyYahoo...damn, that is cool.

A Gray Sleety Afternoon
as I explore this RSS deal

Next thing is to use this
Good night

Enough for Tonight
Very satisfying

Next Stop...The Aggregators
We shall see, but I believe we are getting there

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Camille du Gast

You Learn Something New Every Day
I doubt it

Really Simple Syndication has a real name

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An Editoral Rewrite
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Paris-Madrid '03
The end of the era

A New Year
Uhh, '04? You sucked. Sorry, but that's the way it was.

from Get Fuzzy

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Helsinki Photos
Abby Lappen/Open Stage

1954 Ferrari 250 Europa PF Coupe

1962 Porsche 356B S Roadster T-6 (Twin Grill)

Getting Found on The Web
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The Log of the Starshit Enterprise
Wayyyyyyyy more than you need to know, unless you are an uninsured male aged 50 + who is trying to figure out how to get the health care you need.

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Dusty Chaps - Tucson's Lost Treasure - Heat Stroke & Honk Tonk Music

These guys were the greatest Little Band on the Planet in 1970's Tucson. The need to eat regularly and raise families put an end to their marvelous performing days. I have looked far and wide for a copy of their album, to no avail, and just now found these two gems posted on YouTube. Loved them then, and love 'em now. Thanks, boys.

Their wonderful squeezebox man, Peter Gierlach is still around, the witty and hardworking horticulturalist is a regular contributor to KXCI with his Growing Native show! Tucson Weekly has a great article about

Go to Tucson's wonderful listener supported radio station kxci.org for Petey Mesquity's wonderful podcast, Growing Native.



I lived in Tucson in the 70' and would stop by the bar that Dusty Chaps stared in. I worked for Defco Construction Co off Grant Rd. I purchased their album and loved it. Heat Stroke is still played (by me) and I have been known to sing it when Palm Springs tops 118. Thanks for the good times! Wade Loudermilk

I too followed the Chaps as they played around Tucson in the mid to late 70's. Two places I recall (though not by name) is the night club on Tanque Verde near Kolb (Bob Megan was the other band that played there routinely) and a small bar in the 6000 block of E. Speedway.

I bought their "Honky Tonk Music" album but never could find "Domino Joe". Still kicking myself on that one.

They were always a pleasure to stop and listen too, not too mention close to home so I had less chance of a DUI then.

Here is an mp3 of Heat Stroke...too bad it was pulled down from YouTube.

me too. was a U of A Grad student...went to The Embers (Speedway) often..even learned the dance..Went out with same girl as Ted Huckleby (Chaps slide pedel steal guitar)and when she went back to NJ we both dated her roommate.The lead singer (George Hawke attended The Juiiard School of Music (or so I've been told). None better.

Charlie Case (PhD class of '83)

hot damn, i too went to the bar to hear these guys!1970's
Anyone know where an album is???

Great news! Both albums were rereleased on a single CD. A friend found it on Amazon. Happy to say I still have my original copy of "Domino Joe". (I believe it was The Pawnbroker on Tanque Verde a previous poster was thinking of).

I too am from Tucson and a long time member of the dance scene (Embers, Oxbow, Stumble Inn, Red Eye Saloon, Pawnbroker, Boondocks). I was and still am a Chaps fan. My wife favored Straight Shot, Frank and Woody and Loose Boots. We live outside of Pensacola. I have converted to CDs's and mp3's: All Chaps albums, Frank and Woody, Bob Meighan, Ned Sutton and Loose Boots.

Jay Zaslaw
Carol Walton Zaslaw

Great memories of being 19 (low drinking age in those days) and hanging out at the Poco Loco and Stumble Inn and dancing to the Chaps. Thanks for all those good times!

you can get domino joe via amazon.com. it wasn't cheap but is now available. I used to play and sell their music in the Korvettes in Albany NY and play the music on WRPI--late 70's. I used to introduce Domino Joe as Tommy for the tequila crowd. It's still true. Great unknown album.

Here's one Valley boy who was lucky enough to see the Chaps on a couple of occasions; once for sure at the old Dooley's on Apache. I have my trusty Honky Tonk Music LP stored away but my ripped CD is so bad that I'm going to either have to dig it out or just break down and buy the double-disc. Have never heard Domino Joe! Used to go around singing Heat Stroke when I was in college at UC Davis and everyone was bitching about the heat. :-) Heat? This ain't hot! Man, for the good old days of KDKB with Nina Joy, Bill Compton, Wonderful Russ and the gentle giant, Toad Hall. The local people really got treated well by them.

Lyle Knox

I was born at Davis-Manthan AFB in 1974. My folks were big Dusty Chaps fans and everybody that visited them there was a fan when they left (I have a Honky Tonk Music album inscribed to my grandmother!). I left Tucson when I was 9 months old when, but the Dusty Chaps are in my blood. Through all my music "phases", disco in the late 70's, rock in the 80's, what ever the hell we call music from the 90's and double naughts, I've always enjoyed pulling out the old Domino Joe or Honky Tonk Music album. To this day, whenever my Dad puts the Chaps on the stereo, he and my Mom will still cut a rug!

Nowadays I listen to talk radio most of the time, but I love to find a little nobody band in a hole-in-the-wall country bar and think about how cool it must have been to see the Dusty Chaps back in the day. Two years ago, I bought a USB turn-table for my old man for the express purpose of digitizing the Dusty Chaps albums for the family to share. A fine investment. I'm listening to Domino Joe right now with my son.

I'm french and i discover DC in 1978.Fabulous. And then this year i find cd.I have always my 2 lp.Have you news musicians?

I remember doing the 4 step to the Chaps at the Stumble Inn in Tucson. Heat Stroke every summer since then. They should have a re-union!!! Richie (Dadeo) J.

The Dusty Chaps will be playing at Hotel Congress in Tucson on September 2nd, 2012. They will play the Domino Joe album from beginning to end with a 13 piece band.

Thanks all for a drive downtown....Stumble Inn, Green Dolphin, Shanty, Night Stain (Train), Smugglers, Embers, gosh, did we dance the night away or what. DChaps, F&Woody, Chuck Wagon & Wheels (Wheelchairs), and all the little bands that came to town and left big stars.

Alive and Well in WA

I spent weekend evenings at the Green Dolphin and them the Stumble Inn listening to the Dusty Chaps on Saturdays after the baseball game at Fort Lowell park. Was a graduate student in anthropology and archaeology. Wish I had a video of the dancing to the chaps. Have the Honky Tonk album and digitized it onto my Ipod. Still love their music.

Excellent information on your blog, thank you for taking the time to share with us. Amazing insight you have on this, it's nice to find a website that details so much information about different artists

I really enjoyed reading this post, I always appreciate topics like this being discussed to us. Thanks for sharing.
stenen tafelblad

I used to work at the stumble inn back in the dusty chaps, straight shot, arrow Memphis, ned Sutton and the rabbits, frank and woody and spent a lot of my life listening to their music as a friend and fan of all of them.
I was lucky enough to be around for all of that really amazing music. we all had some fun that is for sure.
I am not quite sure how I ended up here on this site. I went on line to see if I could find an old friend of mine who played w chuck wagon and the wheels and found his obit. from then on I just digressed into the past.
very sad about dana (my friend), but happy that I got to stroll down memory lane and listen to some old favorites. pretty cool that we can hear music from way back then on this crazy box.
spent many sunday afternoons at the poco loco dancin' and a drinkin' to some excellent bands.
Tucson back then had by far the best venues for live music: stumble inn, pawnbroker, oxbow, poco loco, gentle bens, embers, choo choo's and tons more.
anyway, thanks for the memories! we sure had fun from what I can remember anyway.
lisa whelan

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